Vectra™ DA: Taking a Closer Look at RA

Taking a closer look at RA

Vectra DA is an advanced blood test that helps you and your doctor to better understand your RA disease activity. Vectra DA can be used to measure the level of disease activity at a specific point in time and to track changes in disease activity over time. The more you and your doctor know about your RA, the better you can manage it.

Vectra DA measures the levels of 12 proteins in blood (also called biomarkers) that have been linked to RA disease activity in clinical studies. These 12 biomarkers are combined into a single score that indicates your current level of disease activity. The Vectra DA score can help you understand what's going on below the surface - beyond those signs and symptoms you and your doctor can see and feel. It does not replace your doctor's evaluation, but adds a precise, objective measure of the biology driving RA disease.

Vectra DA is intended for adults who have been diagnosed with RA. Over 100,000 people with RA have already been tested with Vectra DA, and new patients every day are getting a more comprehensive look at their RA disease activity with this advanced blood test.

Like most other laboratory tests, Vectra DA must be ordered by your doctor.

Crescendo Bioscience takes RA personally

Crescendo Bioscience is the company that offers Vectra DA. We are dedicated to developing tests that fill unmet needs in the diagnosis and management of RA. Among the reasons for this commitment is a personal one — Michael B. Centola, PhD, was motivated to found Crescendo in 2002 because of the profound effect autoimmune disorders have had on several members of his family. Dr. Centola realized that currently available science and technology would allow the development of advanced tests that support and empower patients and their physicians to manage RA.

Getting started with Vectra DA

Refer to our Vectra DA checklist to see how you can prepare for a discussion with your doctor about Vectra DA.